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 Frequently Asked Questions about Wheelie Bathrooms Mobile Ensuite Hire:

The spacious interior of the mobile ensuite and mobile bathrooms provides all the features and convenience you would expect in a personal bathroom or ensuite including: Full height shower cubicle, hand basin, mirror, dual flush toilet & 50 litre hot water service.

Does the unit have to be installed by a licensed plumber or electrician?

No. The unit is installed in a temporary situation and has no fixed connections to existing services.

What is the maximum distance the ensuite can be placed from services? i.e, sewer, water and power.

The ensuite can be located up to 30 metres from a sewer connection and up to 40 metres from power and water. If you are unsure we can arrange a site inspection. (a fee may apply)

Will the ensuite fit at my place?

Every location is different; you can go to the floor plan page to check the dimensions.

Does the ensuite need to sit on level ground?

Yes we do require a level area for the ensuite and a firm base such as concrete or paving.
If you are unsure we can arrange a site inspection. (A fee may apply)

Can we pickup the ensuite ourselves?

No the ensuite requires a specialized trailer to transport it to its destination.

Will the unit work with a septic tank?

Yes, the ensuite are designed to work with septic tanks as well as main sewer so long as there is access to a sewer point i.e.: gully trap or inspection opening.

I have no sewer or septic tank?

We can supply a holding tank at an additional cost. (Pump out fee)

Does it come with connections and hoses?

Yes we supply all hoses and leads to your requirements.

How long will the hot water last?

The hot water unit has a 50 litre capacity and the length of time the hot water will last depends on the length of the shower. A shower can last up to 30 minutes and you will find the hot water service is constantly heating whilst in use.

What if the ensuite stops working?

If for some reason the ensuite stops working then immediately stop using the it and call us on 0448882995 and we can discuss the fault and advise you or if the need arrises we will send out a serviceman to repair or replace the ensuite. If the fault is caused by incorrect usage then a service fee will apply.

What can and can’t I flush down the toilet?

The only things to go down the toilet are human waste.
2 ply toilet paper (do not use 3 ply as this will cause pump failure)
Do not flush any sanitary products down the toilet a sanitary bin is provided
The pumps can only handle so much waste at any one time so consider a courtesy flush if need be.

Does the toilet need chemicals?

No chemicals are needed as the toilet function the same as a standard toilet.

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